Friday, November 19, 2010

A True Present for Swami's Birthday

There was once a devotee who wanted to give Swami
an offering for His birthday a few years ago.

Usually Swami is kind and accepts with grace the offerings of a true devotee.
For this time, contrary to the Indian custom, Swami refused to take his offering,
so the devotee pleaded with Swami saying "Swami, the Gita itself permits the offering of leaves, flowers, fruits and holy water to the Master." He looked pleadingly towards Swami hoping that He would change His mind and accept his offering.

Swami looked kindly at the despondent devotee and said:

"Consider your body as a dried up leaf.
It is the real leaf offering.

Let your heart blossom in love.
That is the flower offering I like.

Renounce the fruit of your actions to Me.
That is the fruit offering I favour.

The tears of joy that well up in your eyes
in the upsurge of devotion
is the water offering I want.

This body has been brought forth for giving, not receiving."

How fortunate this devotee was to receive such a spiritual gift from the One
whom he wanted to gratify with a worldly offering!

Enlightened by this lesson, let us offer our divine Master the sacrifice of ourselves
and His heart will be filled with joy, our souls will live in great felicity and
everyone we meet will benefit from our devotion.

~ Myriam Jozsa ~

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